Alchemical shadow work can be highly rewarding, but equally challenging.  This is why we offer personal coaching and guidance to those who feel they could benefit from our  investigative work and personal experience.

We offer a unique, holistic perspective on the nature of human destructiveness and clear maps and methods for transmuting destructive internal energies. Our coaching work is based on the information in our book, Shadow Tech.  We are incresingly becoming specialists in “alchemical shadow work”.

Our rates are affordable for anyone. 50/hr for one of us and 85/hr for both of us. Contact us for scheduling, and read on for more info.

The shadow is literally the hidden key to inner transformation

Most spiritual practices conveniently skip over the requirement of shadow work.  This is why long term meditation and yogic practices, for example, usually do not result in the desired maturation of the Self.

The reason why most spiritual theorists and practitioners skip over the shadow, or treat it lightly, is because of the difficulty in working with it.  Outside of a few exceptions, only the Jungians and the ancient alchemists appreciated the shadow for its transformative potential and embraced it as a necessary component of spiritual advancement.

The spiritual guru or psychologist who takes the shadow seriously and is qualified to offer assistance to their clients must be personally experienced and successful in transmuting their own dark energies.  Few are, and if they want to make a living, presenting the necessity of facing the shadow to their clients will drive many of them away. Facing our inner darkness is not an easy task, but it was known to the true alchemists of all traditions that it is the only way to reach inner maturity.

The alchemical path is not all shadow work.  Shadow inspection and transmutation may constitute about 1/4 of the process, but if this aspect is skipped over, the energies that are trapped within the shadow will continue to drag the practitioner down until they confront that which so deeply ails them, face their fears, and discover the genius that is being held back by the fractured energies of the shadow.

Relationship conflict is totally linked to our shadow patterning 

We are attracted to people whom we share creative energies with.  We are equally attracted to people we share destructive energies with, and the two come together.  In Shadow Tech, we explored the Victim-Victor cycle.  In our coaching, we share our personal experiences and methods for turning destructive relationship cycles into doorways to personal transformation.  In fact, the vessel of the intimate relationship is perhaps the most powerful container for transformation there is.  When we are in active alchemical relationship, our own inner work is leveraged by the opportunities that relationship conflict presents.  Destructive relationship cycles are huge blessings in disguise.  Let us share our experiences with you and your partner.

It’s not so difficult to navigate our shadows, it just takes some investigative work.

Once we have a clear understanding of what the shadow is, what its components are, and how they actively destroy us and our world, we can begin the work.   The work involves cognitive awareness practices and feeling-state clearing work.  It involves coming to a deeper understanding of how the destructive force in the universe works and its role in the evolutionary process.  It involves taking inventory of our destructive patterns and tracing them back to their sources, either in this lifetime, or in our genetic heritage.  Once we have isolated our destructive inner “scripts”, we are able to see our cycles play out in our minds and relationships. The more we study them, the more they begin to shift.  As they move, we track and trace their behavior, watch our dreams and the mythic symbolism that appears in our outer world, and we engage in physical exercises to access the areas of our mind-bodies that are storing the original fractures.

In some ways, Shadow Work is no different than any other type of awareness and maintenance work. The more we do it, the more we become coherent. The main blockage is the fear of reliving old feelings, but when we engage in the process systematically, one step at a time, we control the amount of processing we can handle at a time, and we always find that the processing is never as bad as we feared.

It is well known than darkness dissipates as light is increased.  Shadow work is work that puts the light of our conscious awaress onto the repressed psychic wounds that we all harbor.  It is this awarenress which breaks up the old clots, brings fresh flow to the infections, and allows the blackened psychic material to move and integrate into the mind-body.  This release creates a transmutation that converts the blocked and fractured energies into their constructive potential.  If we envision our psychic wounds as active parasitic programs, which they are, our new awareness deprives them of the energy they need to live on.  Slowly but surely we begin to heal and our mind-bodies begin to move into equilibrium.

Expect to be challenged, and expect to be deeply healed

As the two of us have engaged in alchemical shadow work over the past few years, we have experienced many dramatic shifts in our awareness and feeling states.  We have found that most of the work is incremental, but also very noticeable over time.  We have found that it can push us into episodes of awakening and the revealing of deep gnosis about ourselves and our world.  Expect small miracles.

Alchemy is the master work of the Self and shadow work is the basic foundation we begin with. 

There is nothing overly complex about shadow work or all alchemical work, but it requires a shift in perception and some basic foundations in the way in which we create our realties from the inside out.  This work is similar to other spiritual work because all spiritual work is related to alchemy, but true alchemy is scientific work. It doesn’t involve you trusting a guru.  YOU become your own guru as your energies mature and strengthen.  Your own inner magician becomes your guide and you learn to trust this archetype more and more.  Spiritual Alchemy is provable, scientifically deducible, and it’s artistic in nature.  Alchemy is an artistic science that balances both right brain and left brain experiencing.

Are you an alchemist?

If you are serious about getting to the core of your destructive cycles in life and in your relationships; if you know that you have true genius that is being trapped by your inner wounds and blockages; and if you realize that NOW is the time to begin the Great Work, spiritual alchemy is The Way.

We offer our book for free, and we also offer personal coaching at very reasonable rates. When we are engaged in deep inner work, objective views from other alchemists who can see our situation from the outside is a highly valuable.

We have been coaching people on health and transformation for many years (see our bios). In our consultations we offer specific information that applies directly to you and your personal situation.  We conduct sessions via phone, Skype or in person.

Pricing is 50/hr for one of us or 85/hr for both of us. Multiple session rates are available. We offer this reasonable rate so that you will have all the tools available to you.  Even one session will give you essential tools and answer many questions you have had. Ultimately, our work is in service of the maturation of the human race.

Before our session, we ask for an e-mail synopsis of your situation and the specific areas you would like assistance with. You need not have any experience with alchemical practices.

Feel free to e mail us with your situation and we will make a recommendation.

You may also be interested in a 4 week class that is now forming. Reading of Shadow Tech is required, admission is affordable. Contact us for more details! livinginthemovie (at)

Colin and Melissa

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Alchemy is not easy work, but nothing worth creating is! What is your happiness and true self satisfaction in life worth to you? There is a superhero in every one of us that strongly wants to emerge.  Alchemy is the process of enabling that inner being to come forth.

As a disclaimer, we are not licensed therapists who studied psychology in school. Our knowledge of the workings of the inner domain of the mind come from years of personal study.  We are naturally inclined spiritual alchemists who have learned from the works of others and from personal experience.  For over a decade, we have been studying the shadow, and since 2012, we have been dedicated to shadow transmutation above all else in life. We have experienced profound healing in the process.  This is our calling in life and a re-emerging field that we are actively participating in.  We recommend Jungian therapy to our clients who feel its right for them, but we know that real alchemists are hard to find.  We offer an essential component that is almost universally neglected in the post-modern west, hence our need to step in at this time.