Melissa Mari is a life long performance artist with a background in jazz, classical, folk and heavy rock styles. She healed herself of cervical cancer in the mid nineties , when her investigations into the human shadow began.  Now, she teaches effective methods and principles for transmuting destructive shadow energies.

Colin Davis has enjoyed a 25 year career as a musician and audio engineer.  He also has a background is forensic document analysis and real estate related legal strategies. Since 2009 he has operated Foreclosure Discovery, counseling hundreds of people in foreclosure, helping them turn financial destruction into personal evolution. He has held a life long interest in spiritual  principles.

In addition to the ongoing investigations and personal alchemy discussed in Shadow Tech, Colin and Melissa are the founding directors of the musical multimedia project The 01 Experience.  They maintain the websites, and

The Mayan calendar end date of December 2012 came and went for most of the world, but for Colin and Melissa, it marked the start of a alchemical transformation which continues to unfold. A lifetime of self work and introspection was suddenly crystallized and focused into a powerful new mode of internal healing and transformation.

They found themselves increasingly directed towards concepts and practices that they eventually realized constituted a new way of understanding human darkness. Included in the work that developed were novel viewpoints on human destructiveness and methods for cleaning and clearing destructive shadow energies.

They were being directed into the alchemical process of “shadow work”, while documenting their progress and working to unravel the emerging models.  As life long musicians and artists, they found alchemy to be an extension of their natural talents, while a need for accuracy in modeling brought in a semi-scientific approach.

Their first book Shadow Tech is a report of their initial findings regarding the human shadow and its connection to world-wide cultural disharmony. It describes how destructive programs live and thrive in the energetic, informational domains of mind and culture, and alchemical methods for cleaning and clearing destructive energies. Shadow Tech is the beginning of an integral or systems level view of human destructiveness and practices for personal and cultural healing.

The work is ongoing and deeply in development, but the first edition of Shadow Tech brings the core concepts to the reader, as a starting point for ongoing personal shadow work and a greater understanding of human evolution.