Cracking the Codes of Personal and Collective Darkness

An alchemical quest for spiritual transformation

A book by Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari


Is there a destructive force in the universe that we call evil, and if so, how does it work? How are cultural codes related to personal dysfunction, and disease?  What is the nature of the “shadow” of the human psyche? Is there a modern way to explain possession and demonic influence?

These questions were at the heart of the investigation that has produced Shadow Tech.  The authors wanted to get to the source of their own destructive patterning and to heal themselves from inter-generational wounding –  to live their highest purposes.  Shadow Tech is the conceptual basis for a novel understanding of the shadow of the human psyche and for cleaning and clearing practices, or “shadow work”.

Excerpts from the book

The Zero and the One

As is explored in the book, the destructive force in the universe is a actually a creative challenger, pushing evolution up the spiral. Although darkness is a universal process that can never be eliminated, managing our powerful destructive energies is not only possible, but mandatory for our ourselves and our species to evolve.

“The destructive force is not an unfortunate accident that the creative universe has to deal with. It’s a fundamental aspect of creation itself…this destructive shadow force takes down every system that cannot maintain high efficiency within its relationships…the effect of this challenge is that life and creative activity must change, evolve and efficiently manage itself and its relationships in order to mitigate these destructive effects. Deep integrity and creative novelty are the universal results.” – Page 14

“Every entity purposefully, accidentally, or otherwise destroys something or someone else as a consequence of its own creative acts. Atoms do this, cells do this, plants do this, animals do this, we all do this. In this way we are all agents of the dark side.” – Page 18

“On the passive side of destruction, entropy is the tendency for everything to degrade, to erode, to fall apart. Its chaos…Destruction also has an active, masculine, component. There appears to be a seeking, creatively inspired form of destructive agency.” – Pages 13

V is for Virus

A primary theory of this work is that human destructiveness is transmitted energetically through the domains of mind and culture.  Mind, and its collective manifestation we call culture are energetic and informational domains, which act as mediums of exchange for destructive “programs” to live and thrive.  Just as the domain of microscopic viruses was unknown to humanity just 200 years ago, the domain of mental and cultural pathogens is only now beginning to be recognized by modern mankind.

“Inside every human being, existing amongst the infinite electro-chemical structures of the mind is an ecosystem of parasitic patterning that lives as our highest purpose dies. There is a viral network within us all, inherited at birth, having mutated through every generation that has ever been, challenging our every move and every living being we come into contact with. We are all hosts for The Virus. The predicament we find ourselves in is truly archetypal in nature. Its proportions are mythical, and the Opponent is eternal.” – page 91

“Within the constructs of the human psyche live any number of viruses and parasites, mutating and adapting to the situation, but always collecting around common weaknesses like any biological pathogen will.” – Page 92

“A parasitic program or virus of the psyche could be considered a demon, a djinn, an evil spirit or the like in prior understandings.” – Page 98

“Parasitic programs are living, just as every psychic system in the mind-body is. They seek like resonance, and are viral in nature. They live within the bounds of polarity as any system does, and they can and do flip poles regularly. ” – Page 98

“When one person begins to illuminate their shadow, they are illuminating the other’s shadow equally. A viral active/passive energy system is threatened by illumination and it will rise up through either individual when it’s activated by a challenge.” – Page 119

The Victim-Victor cycle

The victim-victor cycle is a ubiquitous destructive pattern of the human psyche which frames every relationship conflict. All conflicts, whether they be internal to the self, within relationships or between countries and cultures are polarity games. They are exacerbated and preyed upon by living, destructive programming, which we are almost completely unaware of.

“Once a parasitic program can feed itself through invoking a cyclical pattern in the mind, it becomes a master of its own life cycle. A Frankenstein has come alive.” – Page 101

“When a parasitic program feeds on ourselves alone we call that an addiction, and when it feeds in coordination with others in relationship, the authors call this the victim-victor cycle.” – Page 101

“When we find ourselves in a destructive cycle, the party that’s enjoying the circumstances is never the part of us that later has to kiss and make up, or make excuses for our behavior. The party running the show is a shadow entity, a parasitic program, a viral script running from behind the veil of ego consciousness.” Page 103

The victim-victor cycle ensues as “an old wound becomes a physiological need, which gives rise to a viral program, that feeds cyclically on the chemicals it was formed out of.” – Page 103

Trauma –> disharmonic chemical state –>a program is formed –> the environment validates the program –> the program becomes active and parasitic –>the program cyclically activates the wound to re-trigger the original chemical state of need –> the cycle attracts like resonance in the environment –> a parasitic virus is shared.

In biology, a virus destroys our cells by altering their DNA. Similarly, these psychic programs are tied into our physiological infrastructure and are triggering us from the location of an old wound, where they originally formed. – Page 103

Cultural Parasitism

Our destructive programming manifests in all domains of human organization.  We  carry these viral codes in our own “shadows”, in our families and relationships, and all throughout our culture. Some societies such as American society are heavily infected at the present time, and harbor extremely virulent cultural viruses.  To the authors, so-called conspiracy theories are often the effects of cultural parasitism which thrives within the constructs of government and economic structures. 

“Outside of media propaganda and the tapeworm economy, our civilization is suffering under many more parasitic structures…one of the most virulent examples is a form of cultural pathogen called false flag terrorism. This program operates at the cultural equivalent to the survival level of the human mind at the reptilian complex in the brain. It therefore causes very strong reactions in the psyche. This is why it must be confronted. It’s too powerful to be left alone, untouched by those serious about cultural health.” – Page 68

“Western mainstream media, which is an arm of oligarchic financial interests generally refers to false flag events as “conspiracy theories”. This has become a derogatory term which is used to slander those who recognize cultural parasitism. In itself, the term conspiracy theory is not negative, but because it’s so commonly used by politicians, mainstream news writers and anchors as an inflammatory term, it’s now a memetic shield that anyone can use to deflect attention away from the source of a false flag. Behind the deflection, is a deep fear which overcomes the psyche when one is confronted with a cultural virus. The psychological implications of knowledge of ubiquitous cultural parasitism is a tremendous burden, especially for those whose source of income and social status is dependent on supporting the oligarchy.” – Page 68


21st Century Alchemy

Shadow work is alchemical work. It’s an artistic science where we track and trace our destructive programming and where we purify and release repressed emotional energies. We watch our “movies of life” reflect the inner work we are doing, and our inner experience begins to merge with our external world. Inner and outer begin to flow together in a more integrated fashion and we begin to notice the mythical stories of our own lives unfolding.  We are increasingly inspired as we create and admire our own master works of Life Art.

“We begin our inner cleaning work with inventory. We allow all of our needy, destructive or dark thoughts and feelings to emerge and we look at them with honesty. We may react and judge ourselves as this occurs, and when we do, we watch those judgments arise as well. Over time, our inner eye grows in power and sensitivity, increasing our awareness of our inner state greatly. Eventually, our inner state becomes the primary source for understanding our experience and the world. Our learned tendency to look outwards for the causes of our symptoms is balanced by an inward facing focus that shows us the relationship between inner and outer. This moves us into a more balanced way of experiencing.” – Page 116

“We may have always been curious and introspective, or perhaps we have disliked analytical processes before, but as we move forward, we call our analytical functions into play. We become more curious and more discerning in general. In Jungian terms, our Magician turns on. The more we look inside, and especially as we confront what we have been distracting away from for years, our Magician turns on more and more.” – Page 117

“It is a natural process for this investigative and transformational magician energy to turn on and grow as needed. As we go deeper into our shadows, our discernment and ability to make healthy choices increases. Bad choices are not caused by bad luck, but are caused by the very blockages we are now freeing up. They are the result of our ego awareness’ disconnection from our total states. Further shadow work increases our Magician’s abilities even more.” – Page 118

“Our relationship increasingly became a laboratory where we dug up, looked at and shared our disruptive and destructive inner content with each other. From the start there was little that we wanted to withhold from one another. We realized that keeping secrets meant holding on to the same toxins we were trying to process.” – Page 119

Clearing the Shadow

Our shadow, which is a term that describes the un-integrated and fragmented energies of our psyches can be brought into balance.  The Ruskan method for emotional clearing is a very effective practice for releasing toxic and destructive shadow energies.

“The absolute best thing we can do for “the planet” and for the “evolution of consciousness” is to clear our own shadows.” – Page 132

“Whatever emotionally charges us pulls conflict into our lives. Anything that makes us insecure or angry in a repeated fashion is linked to an old wound that has to be cleared.” – Page 145

“Looking honestly at my own American society, I can see that we are repressing massive amounts of emotional energy and this is not only manifesting in increasingly destructive behavior but its holding back the entire society from evolving. We are culturally trapped in an arrested state of consciousness that we will not advance from until we process the emotions we are repressing.” – Page 132

“Our mind-bodies are a vast energetic community and we want that community to be healthy and in balance. Just like a local town community, when we do not take care of each other, our community members become wounded, criminals or addicts. When we do not nurture our internal mind-body community, those same patterns are created within us. Our own psychic imbalance gives rise to psychic “criminals” and addictive programs that plague us until we get to the source that created them. In all cases of addiction and criminality, we find abandoned and unloved children. Where are those children within our own psyches, and what have they become?” – Page 145

“The idea behind emotional clearing is incredibly simple but can be challenging. When we find ourselves to be emotionally triggered, we use the trigger as a doorway into our emotional body and we hold the door open until our emotional energy flows out and integrates into our mind-bodies.” – Page 131

“No matter what the emotion, we allow it to totally emerge and flood our consciousness. If time allows, we permit our feelings to stay with us for as long as need be. After a successful session, no matter if it’s 3 minutes or 3 hours, we will feel a sense of clarity and lightness. This is sometimes present soon afterwards, but it also may take a day or two to be recognized. Regardless, each clearing session will have an effect and will be the impetus for increasing psychic clarity. Emotional clearing may invoke a Kundalini rush which comes on quickly, or it may be spread out more evenly over time. We will find ourselves experiencing joy more easily and we will simply feel lighter and less burdened as we continue to process.” – Page 135


Disease and Chronic Pain

“The current situation where Americans and other westerners are plagued with massive and rapid increases in chronic pain, cancer and hundreds of new previously unheard of diseases that have no clear environmental cause, is a psychic cultural phenomenon.” – Page 147

“When we suffer from chronic pain or illness, we can begin to study the stories within our mental and emotional states that support our pain and disease. In all cases, we will find an inner woundedness that is being preyed upon by parasitic programming.” – Page 148